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EZE Batter makes a delicious batter, and can be mixed quickly by just adding water. It will coat your chicken, fish,
calamari, veggies and whatever you choose to dip into it, into a delicious crispy treat. Just mix with chilled water,
dip, fry and eat!

Other benefits:

EZE Batter is easy.
EZE Batter is prepared quickly and easily.
EZE Batter contains no eggs.
With EZE Batter you don’t need a pot of oil to fry and the end product is not greasy and oily.

Recommended usage:

Add EZE Batter and water on a 1:1 basis. Mix lightly (don’t worry if there are still small lumps, this will make the
end product even better). Dip and fry in 2-3cm of heated Canola or Olive Oil


Urease inactivated Soy, Texturized Vegetable Protein, Pre-cooked Maize, Vegetable Fat, Dextrose, Salt.

Nutritional Information per 100g:

Energy – 1370kJ
Sugars – 0.1 gr
Fat – 1.1 gr
Salts – 3 gr